Everything Green – Whats your favourite colour

Green is the colour of the plant world and of the faery folk. It is the colour of sunlight transformed into matter by photosynthesis. Green is the miracle of life’s creation on this planet, earth verdancy and the deep seas.

Green stimulates our connection between body, mind, spirit and creation. I love to be surrounded by the green of the world, and here you will find a collection of all things green, gathered in pleasure and praise to our beautiful planet.

Chlorophyll is the basic green of the world

We need the colour green in order to exist.The green of the world starts in plants; and that green is chlorophyll. All the green forests and fields are green because of chlorophyll.

Plants use chlorophyll to photosynthesize and make sugars and starches in their leaves in order to live. Without green chlorophyll there would be no leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds or roots to eat. So there would be no ruminant animals for lions and tigers to eat, no job for bees and other pollinators, no birds and definitely no humans. There would also be no atmosphere to breathe.

Without the green of plants, the world as we know it cannot exist. So is green your favourite colour now?

The colour Red

Red is the same color as our blood. It is full of life, vitality, passion, lust and anger.

Red is fiery energy, action, drive, power, force and creativity; red is the colour of fire. Red is the rising and setting of the sun; its coming and going marks the beginning and ending the day.

The colour Orange

Orange is sunny and warm. You can see it in the flames of a fire and the glow of a sunset. It is the colour of oranges, carrots, apricots, pumpkins, and all things healthy and good. Orange makes you smile, and orange is the colour of laughter.

The colour Yellow

Yellow is sunshine and all things bright and beautiful.They called him mellow yellow, quite rightly, and we all lived in a yellow submarine for a time. Yellow stimulates the mind in sparky ways.

The colour Green

Green is the colour of the plant world and of the faery folk. It is the colour of sunlight transformed into matter by photosynthesis, and represents the miracle of the creation of life on this planet. Verdancy and the deep seas; Green stimulates connection between body; mind, spirit and creation.